Revesby Workers’ Garden Club Incorporated

(Inaugurated 1989)
First amendment 03.11.2001
Second amendment 7.9.2013

Third amendment 4.10.14

The name of the Club shall be “Revesby Workers’ Garden Club Incorporated”, hereinafter called the Club.

Nothing herein shall be deemed valid where it contravenes the Articles of Association of the Revesby Workers’ Club Limited.

Aims and Objectives

  1. Friendship through gardens.
  2. To affiliate with the Garden Club of Australia.
  3. To aid in the protection of Australian native flora and fauna.
  4. To study the arts of gardening in all aspects.
  5. To encourage civic beauty and roadside development.
  6. To cooperate with other agencies furthering the interest of horticulture and conservation.
  7. To organise and conduct social functions, Club tours of Gardens, Nurseries, National Parks and other places of interest to gardeners.
  8. To support the Revesby Workers’ Club Ltd fund raising projects


  • Membership of the Club shall be open to all provided that those people applying for membership are also financial members of Revesby Workers’ Club.
  • Executive Committee – shall comprise of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer.
  • General Committee Membership – the  general committee shall comprise of the Executive Committee, Publicity Officer, Tour Organiser, Assistant Tour Organiser, Librarian, Welfare Officer, Sales Officers,  Hospitality Officer and four Catering Officers.
  • Membership fees shall be $20.00 (amended AGM 4.11.23) per person per financial year, new members will pay a joining fee of $10.00 inclusive of the cost of the badge as well as the membership fee and any changes will be determined by vote of the membership at the AGM.

Any member who has not renewed membership by 31st October for the ensuing year shall be deemed unfinancial and his/her name may be removed from the Club Membership Register by resolution at the first meeting in November.

Any member guilty of conduct deemed unbecoming to a member, being under the influence of alcohol or using objectionable or obscene language at any Garden Club function, tour or meeting, may be excluded by the Executive from participation in all Club activities.


The Executive shall cause Minutes of all meetings to be kept and entered in the Minute Book, the pages of which shall be numbered.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be at 10.00am on the first Saturday of November each year.  Quorum for such AGM shall be seven (7) members.

The President shall chair all meetings.  In his/her absence, the Vice President shall preside.  In the event of both the President and Vice President being absent, then the members present shall elect a Chairman.

If a quorum is not present, then the meeting shall stand adjourned until the first Saturday in December when those present shall be a quorum.

Agenda for Annual General Meeting:

Sign the Attendance Book
President’s welcome
Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting
Business arising from the previous Minutes
President’s Report
Report Treasurer’s Financial Report
Secretary’s Report
Appointment of Returning Officer
A returning officer will be appointed on a yearly basis for the purposes of voting at the AGM.
Election of Officers
Vice President
Secretary and Assistant
Minute Secretary
Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer
Publicity Officer
Tour Organiser and Assistant Tour Organiser
Catering Officers (4)
Sales Officer(s)

General Business pertaining to the AGM

Close of Meeting

Ordinary Meeting

Ordinary Meetings shall be held on the first Saturday of each month – February to November inclusive at 10.00 am. The December meeting  is the Xmas Lunch and shall commence at (amended AGM 02.11.19) 11.30 am.

Agenda: Quorum – 7 members
Sign the Attendance Book
President’s welcome
Minutes of previous Ordinary Meeting
Business arising from previous Minutes
President’s Report
Secretary’s Report
Treasurer’s Financial Report
General Business
Next Meeting
Introduction of Guest Speaker
Questions to Guest Speaker
General discussion on gardening

Close of Meeting

Extraordinary Meetings:

Quorum – 7 members plus all Petitioners

  1. President, or the majority of the Executive Officers may call an Extraordinary Meeting as required to resolve any issue concerning the Club.
  2. Five (5) members may petition the Secretary to call an Extraordinary Meeting to resolve any issue concerning the Club.  Such Meeting to be called within fourteen (14) days with all Petitioners present, otherwise the Meeting will lapse.

Sub Committees

Sub Committees may be convened by resolution at an Ordinary Meeting to carry out specific terms as detailed at the time of their election.  A Sub Committee may not add to their terms nor add to their members.

Quorum for Sub Committees – President and Secretary, ex officio and four (4) members.

Sub Committees to be disbanded after submitting and the acceptance of their final report or by resolution at an Ordinary Meeting.

Management of the Club

The Management of the Club shall be in the hands of the Executive Committee

Should a member of the Executive resign or become incapable of acting, then nominations shall be called and the position filled, for the remainder of the current term at the next Ordinary Meeting.

The Executive shall cause accounts and books to be kept showing the financial affairs of the Club.

The Financial Year of the Club shall be 1st July to 30th June (amended AGM 05.11.22) and financial reports encompassing the Financial Year shall be presented at the AGM.

All sums of money shall be received by the Treasurer who shall promptly issue a receipt and as early as practicable deposit in the Club’s account at the nominated bank. All receipts are to be itemised and to correspond with amounts detailed on Bank Deposit Slips.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for internet Banking but approval is required by email from President, Vice President, Secretary or Tours Organiser. If the Treasurer is unavailable to undertake internet banking, the payment shall be by cheque, signed by any two of the following – President, Vice President, Secretary or Tours Organiser. Cheque shall not be pre signed unless specifically required for lunches on bus tours and must be under $1,500.00 (amended AGM 05.11.22).

The Treasurer (amended AGM 02.11.19) shall operate the Petty Cash Account of $200.00 and enter all amounts in the Petty Cash Book.

Rules of Debate

Standing Orders and Rules of Debate as prescribed in the Revesby Workers’ Club Constitution shall apply at all meetings of the Club.

Life membership

A member can be nominated for Life membership of the Club by any other member providing that the nominated member fulfils all the stated requirements of Life membership as follows:

  • Ten years continuous membership of the Club
  • Has made a significant contribution to the Club by way of longstanding service to the Club either currently or in the past. Such contribution may be that which is given by Office bearers but is not limited to this

Life memberships will only be presented at the Club’s birthday in March or at the AGM in November of any year.

Life Member nominations must be submitted in writing, signed by 2 members and received by the President or Secretary or their assistants one month prior to the Birthday or AGM .

A life member will have his/her annual membership fee waived and will receive an invitation to the Club’s Christmas celebration on a yearly basis at no cost.

A life member will still be required to pay any weekly fees and for any bus trips/excursions which he/she partakes.

All Life member nominations need to be submitted and  ratified by the Board of Directors of Revesby Workers’ Club prior to being awarded.